2017 Laskey Award

For the 2017 Laskey Award, Elizabeth O’Donnell, Associate Dean and Professor at The Irwin S. Chanin School of Architecture of The Cooper Union, led sophomore architecture students in a weekend charrette. Eight teams of students selected spaces within the Sam Fox School campus that created a boundary and threshold. After making full-scale plan and section detail drawings of their site, the teams designed and built site-specific seats.

A book documenting the 2017 Laskey Award with photos, drawings, and commentary from students is available here.

The following is an excerpt from Professor O’Donnell’s reflection on the weekend charrette:

The Sam Fox School is comprised of five works of architecture. Students and faculty live in them and with them, spend time sheltered and supported by them and are subject to their peculiarities. A familiarity is developed.

In investigating the physical matter of these buildings, in exploring their construction and materiality, I hoped that the students might also uncover some of the history and ideas the buildings embody.

That weekend, together, a place of learning was established: of debate and conversation, of speculation and invention, of thought and action. The students uncovered remarkable spaces within the buildings, and drew them with poetic specificity. They made beautiful seats that connected body with architecture, body with site.