Post and Beam

These are images of the post and beam timber framed building Susan and I are making. The building will be 14’ x 14’ x 17’ at the peak. All mortises and tenons are being made with hand tools, including glorious 2” framing chisels as shown here. The joints will all be assembled with oak pegs. The structure will have two incarnations. The first will be as the ceremonial chuppah for my son Sam’s wedding in September. After the ceremony it will be dismantled by a dozen friends. Later it will rise again as an addition to our house in upstate New York.

I learned the timber framing techniques this past fall at an amazing school in Vermont called the Yestermorrow School. It was a week long course in which I learned an enormous amount and it garnered me 35 architectural learning credits! The school was founded by an architect 25 years ago who felt that architects were lacking in fundamental building skills.