Givens Hall 1960 - 1993: A Personal Journey

“Givens Hall 1960-1993: A Personal Journey” a Sam Fox School of Design and the Visual Arts publication by Dean and Professor Emeritus Constantine E. (Dinos) Michaelides, is now available for purchase as an on-demand book by

“Open 24 Hours” as printed on a student designed coffee cup, Givens Hall has nurtured the creative talents and intellectual pursuits of thousands of Washington University in St. Louis architecture students and faculty for more than eight decades. The book, a personal journey is an assembly of vignettes sketching personalities, events and academic initiatives.

Together, they underscore the leading role that both Givens Hall and Washington University played in architectural education in the United States during the author’s daily presence in the building. Intended as an easy read, this “journey” promises to delight readers and perhaps elicit responses from those who inhabited Givens Hall during the same period.

To order a copy click here. The $40.00 for the book goes to the school.