The Laskey Award

The Laskey Award has been awarded annually since 2008. Originally, the format was a competition for a student-defined creative project, open to all students in Washington University’s College of Architecture and Graduate School of Architecture & Urban Design. In 2010, participation of students from the College of Art and Graduate School of Art was encouraged, and the format changed from a call for original proposals to a call for creative solutions for a problem authored by Professor Leslie Laskey together with Studio L. The first four years of the award yielded small built environments on the Washington University campus and in downtown St. Louis.

Future Laskey Awards may take this new format or return to the original format. Regardless of the format, each year’s award will continue to perpetuate Leslie Laskey’s legacy at Washington University by encouraging creativity, physical experiments in making, and process-oriented investigations into design.

Laskey Award History

  • 2010: Laskiosk Akshita Sivakumar and Stephen Kim
  • 2011: Cocoon Andrea Fisk and Lavender Tessmer