New Book: 2013 Laskey Design Challenge

Studio L recently published a book documenting the 2013 Laskey Sophomore Design Challenge. Held at Washington University in St. Louis from January 18-20, 2013, the Challenge was organized as a charette encouraging collaboration amongst the Sophomore classes of the Sam Fox Schools of Architecture and Art.

This year’s charette leader was Mehrdad Hadighi, founder and principal of Studio for Architecture, as well as the Stuckeman Chair of Integrative Design and head of the Department of Architecture at the Pennsylvania State University. Mehrdad kicked off the event by delivering a special presentation to introduce his design challenge. Students worked in teams over the weekend. They began by slicing the coolant reservoir found in cars into two non symmetrical parts. From these parts they created a three dimensional sculpture capturing the reservoir’s “plastic moments”, as well as a two-dimensional collage documenting its linear and planar geometric qualities.

As explained by Professor Hadighi, this exercise was intended to promote exploration of the critical balance that underlies all creative design between freedom of thought and the more pragmatic influences on built form such as structure and technology.

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